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“Over the past few years Michael has supported efforts to increase literacy by buying large amounts of books which he then gives to young people at his storytelling events. Recently Michael organized a bus trip for young people, and one of the stops was EsoWon. On this trip each of the kids were given a gift certificate, Michael allowed them to pick what they wanted and if the gift certificate was not enough to cover it, he paid for the difference. We have seen Michael purchase books many times like this and it is encouraging to see that someone cares enough to help others.”—James Fugate, president, EsoWon Books

“For two first-time program planners, hiring you was an ideal situation. You were on-time, prepared, enthusiastic, encouraging to the new Oxnard members of your fan club as well as an excellent storyteller! All the feedback we received was uniformly positive, as we’re sure you’re aware!”—Kay Driscoll & Leona Belcher, Oxnard Public Library

“What a great variety of stories you told; the kids got a taste of all sorts of cultures. I’m sure they’ll remember your stories for a long time, and maybe they’ll even find themselves telling them someday!”—Eva Mitnich, Los Angeles Public Library

“We cannot express to you enthusiastically enough our thanks for your help in making a success of our first Arts Standards Orientations. You set the tone for a fabulous day of creativity. We planned all our workshops around the story you told so beautifully, and the teachers and administrators who attended were inspired and excited at the prospect of building the arts curriculum at their schools.”—Robin Lithgow, Theatre Advisor; Los Angeles Unified School District

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful, exuberant presentation you made for my storytelling class. We were all impressed with the energy, commitment, and skill you bring to this craft. This is a gift that you have chosen to share."—Virginia Walter, UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Science

“The things I got out of the workshop were good speaking skills. At first I was kind of shy, but when I got up and told this story to everyone, it became easier for me. My friends laughed at me, but I didn’t care because I had learned something new and interesting that I could do.”—Young workshop participant, Long Beach Boys & Girls Club

“Michael has lots of enthusiasm, lots of ideas, an unshakable belief in the power of storytelling, and a genuine regard for kids.”—Susan Patron, Los Angeles Public Library

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