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Here are some of Michael's many programs:

  1. Performances
  2. Workshops

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Black History
Folk Tales, Historical & Personal stories revealing the struggles, joys, triumphs and beauty of African & African-American history and culture.

Multi-Cultural Folk Tales
I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over twenty countries. In this program I share stories from around the world and give a taste of the variety of the human experience.

Scary Stories
Funny scary, scary scary , tales of mystery & suspense from here there and everywhere.

Trickster Tales
They’re sly and slick. They’re tricky and sometimes tricked.

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I offer a variety of workshops for teachers, students, librarians, storytellers and rookiesJ such as:

  • Storytelling the curriculum
  • Urban Legends
  • Bringing storybooks to life
  • The business of storytelling
  • Telling 2 Teens
  • Storytelling gigs from hell: Coping with crisis
  • Life tales
  • A well told History

And more…

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