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"Thank you so much for your presenting Urban Legends for teenagers at Pasadena Public Library. Your performance was tremendous! That was one of the best teen programs we've had at PPL. Teen audiences are notoriously skeptical—but you really wowed them. They laughed, they were scared, and they obviously thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I had a blast too." —Shawn Thrasher, Young Adult Services, Pasadena Public Library

Have Mouth. Will Run It!

"...thanks for all you did to make the Puzzle Place Multicultural Literature Workshop a success. Your presentation was wonderful and was well received   by the workshop attendees. In fact, it was the highest response we have ever received for a presenter!"—KCET Los Angeles

Michael is a multicultural storyteller of African, African-American and International Folk tales, Historical tales, Stories of Science, Spiritual stories as well as stories of the brilliant and absolutely stupid things he has done in his life.

His stories inform, educate, inspire and amuse. His storytelling style is energetic and enthusiastic.

Michael has traveled to many countries including;

  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe,
  • India,
  • China
  • Jamaica
  • Russia
  • Egypt
  • Indonesia
  • England
  • Malaysia
  • Korea ...

and his travels have reaped a harvest of tales that testify to the unity within the diversity of the human spirit..... He LOVES his job!

"Not only were the students enthralled by your colorful tales, but many of the volunteers and parents walked away both entertained and enlightened."—Gratts Elementary School, Los Angeles

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