Abigail Ifatola Jefferson


Program Offerings

Roots Yoga: African-Inspired Dance™

Enjoy a fun-filled yoga class that will get you on your feet and moving to the beat of life's creative pulse! The class will start with a gentle yoga warm-up that progresses to inspirational African rhythmic movement.

Freedom Call™

Stories of hope, faith, and courage! Students are introduced to stories, poetry, and songs that celebrate and keep alive the rich cultural heritage of Africa and African-Americans. This program's objectives are to increase awareness, sensitivity, and appreciation of diversity.

Celebration of Culture™

Celebrate and participate! Students are introduced to stories & rhythms from around the world. This program is highly interactive and is geared toward creating a spirit of community.

Dance, Drum, and Storytell™

Abigail Ifatola Jefferson collaborates with drummer Abdul Mateen and/or Issa Coulibaly, offering educational and highly interactive workshops, performances and residencies for all ages, pre-school through adult. West African drumming, dance, and stories are introduced. Students learn how these art forms bring us together with joy and affirm our common humanity, and connect us to life's creative pulse.

Celebrate Kwanzaa™

Through stories, songs, and dance, Abigail Ifatola Jefferson joins with a drummer friend in celebrating the Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Students will be introduced to the meaning and history of Kwanzaa.

We Can All Tell a Tale!!!!™ (For community, businesses, and organizations)

 Join Abigail “Ifatola” Jefferson in a fun and exciting workshop of playing storytelling games and weaving tales to share!!! We are all tellers of tales.  Come on down and discover the storyteller in you.  Abigail begins the workshop with warm ups activities used as ice breakers to build community. Several storytelling games are played that leads to impromptu story sharing. Participants are provided prompts to create and tell their own personal stories. Call and response songs, stories, dance and rhythm are introduced to enliven the workshop experience. Participants gain skills in basic storytelling technique, team building, listening, and public speaking.  This workshop can be customized to fit the needs of community groups and/or businesses.

Teacher Tales:  Weaving Stories into your Curriculum!™

Experience the vibrant world of storytelling as a vehicle to spark creativity,  ignite imagination, build self-esteem, and develop better oral communication skills. Participants will learn basic storytelling techniques and explore ways stories can be used to enrich curriculum, increase literacy, celebrate diversity, and meet curriculum goals.  Participants will be guided in how to teach students to tell stories, how to use storytelling to achieve state standards, and how to use storytelling activities to build a strong classroom community.


Professional Development for Educators & Service Providers

Abigail Ifatola Jefferson offers an experiential and high-energy presentation and workshop with stories, rhythm, song, and dance for adults at educational seminars, health conferences, retreats, medical retreats, arts conferences, corporations, and other gatherings.

Professional Business Retreats & Seminars

Abigail Ifatola Jefferson offers  experiential workshops in which storytelling learning tools are used to build community and honor diversity.

Program Formats


Artist gives a 45 to 60 minute presentation at a school, library, museum, business, festival, retreat, conference, or community agency.


Artist will design a customized program to meet the needs of business organizations and educational institutions.

Artist Residency

Artist spends a day or more days at a school, library, museum, business, or community agency. A customized program to meet the needs of organizations and educational institutions.

Professional Development

Consultant services available hourly, half day, full day, weekly or monthly.


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbGtumw-BG4  (A video featuring drummer Abdul Mateen)



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